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We are on a mission to support a new generation of startup founders building ethical cloud-based AI tools that empower caregivers.

A third of the world's data is generated by the healthcare sector, but only a tiny fraction of this data is actively being used to improve healthcare outcomes.

The COVID-19 crisis has brought health data into secure on-line services. New requirements for the interoperability of electronic health records will make this transition to the cloud permanent.


We believe that the digitization of healthcare and associated migration of health data to cloud presents a durable, accelerating opportunity for entrepreneurs to leverage ethical AI technologies and exponentially transform the healthcare sector over the coming decade.

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We are a coalition of mission-driven founders, healthcare providers, researchers, technologists and impact investors.

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  • We come from a background of over 20 years of strategic and operational leadership in the healthcare sector with a track-record in building enterprise-grade SaaS businesses.

  • Our community consists of leaders across the healthcare ecosystem who care deeply about improving the accessibility, efficiency, outcomes and equity of healthcare.

  • We support startup founders who are aligned with our mission, building tools to empower caregivers, and making a measurable impact on health outcomes.

  • We use our corporate and community network to help secure paid pilots, synergistic partnerships and scalable revenue for our portfolio companies.

  • We target attractive returns for our limited partners to amplify impact and help accelerate the digital transformation of the healthcare sector.

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