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We are on a mission to support a new generation of startup founders building ethical cloud-based AI tools that empower caregivers.

A third of the world's data is generated by the healthcare sector, but only a tiny fraction of this data is actively being used to improve healthcare outcomes.

Today, the COVID-19 crisis is driving health data into secure on-line services. New requirements for the inter-interoperability of electronic health records will make this transition to the cloud permanent.


We believe that the digitization of healthcare and associated migration of health data to cloud presents a durable, accelerating opportunity for the startups in our digital health portfolio to leverage ethical AI technologies and exponentially transform the healthcare sector over the coming decade.


Our community consists of leaders across the healthcare ecosystem who care deeply about improving the accessibility, efficiency, outcomes and equity of healthcare.


Our membership is a coalition of mission-driven founders, healthcare providers, researchers and impact investors.   


Our Growing Family


We fund mission-driven founders building cloud-based tools that help to better diagnose, treat and prevent disease.

Our portfolio represents a new generation of ethical SaaS companies using AI to unlock the value of healthcare data in order to improve healthcare outcomes while ensuring data privacy/sovereignty.

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We come from a backgroud of over 20 years of strategic and operational leadership in the healthcare industry with a track-record in building enterprise-grade SaaS businesses.



Molecular datasets are difficult to work with. Solvergen empowers  researchers with a machine learning platform to break down complex molecular datasets to produce actionable insights and discover actionable genome targets.



Healthy students behave better and perform better academically. Yet, schools struggle to prioritize health education. Lessonbee empowers students, parents, and teachers, with  a transformative online education platform that promotes health and lifelong learning for millions of students and professionals.



Caregivers struggle with true HIPAA compliance, especially with regards to patient rights. Lifecare.ID provides individuals with an easy and secure way to control access to their medical records. Caregivers are better able to access external medical records and document patient consent.